tirsdag 19. oktober 2010

makes me smile even more..

This is Duplex acquarium/cage for both fish and birds made by Constance Guisset.. I love the idea of them both sharing the same cage. But not sure if it`s good for them...? Will they be stressed or maybe find peace and enjoy each others company?:) I found this via the blog don`t stop design.

4 kommentarer:

  1. That is totally killer awesome. I bet it is good for them, I can't imagine it would stress them out. You should get one and let us know how they like it :)

  2. - reminds me of artist Stefan Törner's fish and mice http://co-visningsrommet-usf.no/kunstnere/stefan-torner/


  3. :) Nå kom smilet mitt frem, etter en slitsom og tung dag. Herlige blider!

  4. Yes, I think they will enjoy each others company too....or I hope so:)But I will not get one for my self:) I`m not a bird-person:)
    And thanks for link anonym:)I like!!
    Så bra jeg fikk deg til å smile hellohello baby:)