fredag 18. mai 2012


Photo: babyramen
My interior style are getting more minimalistic again. (but not like the 90s of course:) I'm constantly changing but trying to keep my babyramen essence :) (whatever that is....:) But the colors are not gone, even though it might look like that here:)
Have a great weekend!:)

5 kommentarer:

  1. beautiful interior!

    have a great weekend ;)

  2. i really like it. and i think a change of style is good sometimes :) hugs, svenja

  3. I'm not sure yet what the babyramen style is.... but I'm sure that I love! I'm going to discover! Great blog!

    Love from your last follower,

  4. Beautiful room, I love it!, have a lovely weekend!.

  5. Herlig soverom, og med fineste Componobili, da!