torsdag 16. august 2012

Polarn O. Pyret

Polarn O. Pyret is a Swedish clothing brand for kids. I love the quality, the design and that the clothes are made for playing. Ozzy's had several clothes from P.O.P over the years and they've been one of my favorite pieces in her wardrobe.
Polarn O. Pyret asked me if I wanted to test their new webshop.
(which they have in many countries now by they way...)
Since I'm a big web shopper and I love P.O.P this was not a difficult task for me:)
I made an order two days ago and today I already have a cute dress and a warm wool top for Ozzy, ready for the new season. A great webshop and super fast response and shipping. 
I also love that they soon will have a second hand shop on their site where you can sell and buy second hand clothes. Thumbs up!:)

These last two photos: babyramen
So check out P.O.P's new webshop and their new fall collection. They also have free shipping if you order this week:)

PS! I normally don't do posts like this, after been contacted by a brand or seller. I get many inquiries, but I only write about products and sevices I really like.  P.O.P is a brand I really like therefore I make an exception this time.

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