tirsdag 29. juni 2010

summer details

I love it when it is so hot outside that I can just wear a dress and sandals. My red details today. The bracelet is from Ruth66 and the sandals are from Indiska. And the dress (that you can bearly see:) is from HM

søndag 27. juni 2010


I could not resist these to..:) I just had to treat my self with two more items from Marimekkos Oiva-in good company. So cute:)

fredag 25. juni 2010


Yey! My summervacation starts today!! Have a nice weekend everyone, from me and my little kewpie doll!

torsdag 24. juni 2010

awake in sleep

 Awake in sleep I, II and III

Three beautiful drawings from Liv Tandrevold Eriksen. Go to her website for more inspiring artwork!

onsdag 23. juni 2010

light blue

I love the light blue porcelain bowl from Muji. (first photo) They don`t have this in Norway and I can`t find it online so maybe they don`t sell it anymore. I bought it in Paris many years ago and I should have bought many more...now I regret....
The teapot is a chinese one I bought at Panda in Oslo years ago, when I worked there. It`s really sad that shop don`t exist anymore...

tirsdag 22. juni 2010


Inspiring art by Sarah Applebaum

mandag 21. juni 2010


Look at these cool recycled tupperwarelamps from Boots N Gus.
A great idea!

søndag 20. juni 2010

colorful use

I still love my makeup bag that I bought at the christmas-market at
Oslo Academy of Art ( Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo) many years ago when I was a student there. This is made by Siri Ensrud when she was a student there. I love the vintage fabric and the colors.

lørdag 19. juni 2010


I just discovered this fantastic architect Terunobu Fujimori. Look at these fantastic teahouses and other beautiful work.

onsdag 16. juni 2010

mushroom stool

Tattijakkara - a mushroom stool by COMPANY.

tirsdag 15. juni 2010

about football...

Since it`s world cup in football these days, I found this colorful fairtrade football at Via Alley.:) It`s so pretty that I almost want to play football...:).......or maybe just have it as a dacorative item in the hallway or my daughters room:)

mandag 14. juni 2010


I love vintage chairs for children.. And these are soooo cute. I wish I had one like these....
These are from Olivelse

søndag 13. juni 2010

cute recycling

I came across these cute recycled kitchenoven/sink and tin tuffet from rafinesse&tristesse via foreldremanualen They are so cute!!!

lørdag 12. juni 2010

and the winner is....

Congratulations to you!! I will contact you for your adress:) Also thanks to all of you who left a comment for my giveaway and didnt win. But there will other giveaways later too;) So pop by later.

set the table

Now my givaway is over. I will soon announce the lucky winner! My little daughter is setting the table for breakfast for her and her friend...or daddy as she calls him:).

torsdag 10. juni 2010

for the kids..

Today we had a party at our kindergarden.. I made these cupcakes for the kids. It`s always popular with these colorful cupcakes:)
And don`t forget to leave a commet for my giveaway under too!!!

onsdag 9. juni 2010

tirsdag 8. juni 2010


This is my first giveaway! Yay!!! I` m giving away this lovely book "Children`s room Copenhagen" from Paumes.
This book is full of inspiring pictures of children`s rooms. Just leave a comment under here (And please use a registered account so I can contact the winner.) and I will draw a winner this weekend. You can leave a comment here before this friday at midnight. (11.june) I hope you all will leave a comment!! 
Here is some pictures from this book.

mandag 7. juni 2010


Some cute new items at Designtorget. I especially like the cute nightlamps.

søndag 6. juni 2010


I have been out in the sun most of the day and haven`t really done much other than just relax and had friends over for visit . So I did some cleaning earlier today and discovered how dusty my apartment was and started to clean the shelves. Of course I could not resist changing around my things that are displayed there...some new displays....
I also had to take picture of me and my daughters converse sneakers (and the look-a-like ones from HVBAO) collection. I love my converse and want them in many colors. I also bought the chinese handpainted ones in the middle which I bought from Yesstyle

lørdag 5. juni 2010


Big lanterns that lights up famous fashion street in Montenapoleone. Picture from Vogue living