torsdag 30. mai 2013

come back

photos: babyramen
The summer is finally here (hopefully)
Flowers from outside in my shelf.

This babyramen home will be taken down the next two weeks.
Our new home is getting a minor upgrade, and we will move after that.
Therefore not so much activity here in my blog these days.
But I will be back!
And readers, please come back as well! ;)

In the meantime you can follow me on instagram @babyramen

onsdag 22. mai 2013


photos: babyramen on instagram
This weekend was so wonderful.
Summer in Oslo.
Now it's colder and rain again..
I want the sunny weather back.
Please come back!!:)

mandag 13. mai 2013

diy blind

photos: bambula
I'm gathering inspiration for my new home on my pinterest account.
This DIY blind has been on my mind for awhile.
Spray painted Ikea blinds.
What a great idea, and
it's so cool!
Go here to see more.

onsdag 8. mai 2013


photos: babyramen
It's spring in Oslo!!!
I need flowers.
New flowers in my home today.

I'm not in a blogging mood these days.
It might be a little bit slow in here for awhile...
Getting ready for moving and our new home:)

mandag 6. mai 2013


photos: babyramen
Babyramen shop is coming to an end.
It's only two weeks left before closing it down.
If you're interested in some of the items, please hurry:)
Check it out here.

fredag 3. mai 2013


photo: babyramen
Å is my favorite person.
Necklace from an-magritt shop.
Love it!