tirsdag 31. august 2010


I finally got the Ohook from Helgo!:) I think I want a black one too:)

mandag 30. august 2010


I always look at the face of the kokeshi dolls before I buy them..I like the ones that has alot of personality and a peaceful face:) Have a peaceful evening!

søndag 29. august 2010


Wow! I really like these handembroidered accessories by Spinthread, which i discovered via fine ting og sjokolade. Now I ordered my own pice too:) I can`t wait to get it in my mail!:)

sunday breakfast

Honey, yoghurt, blueberries and cornflakes. Knekkebrød (don`t know what to call it in english?) with turkey and avocado and of course a cup of China Keemun tea and applejuice.

lørdag 28. august 2010


It`s a rainy saturday... Me and my daughter made muffins and tea...her favorite thing to do for the moment:)


A papercut I bought on ebay...I love papercuts!

fredag 27. august 2010

more red..

The red urn/vase is from Grøn Lykke and the photoalbum was a gift to my grandfather with pictures of me as a 1 year old, that I inherited when he died. I do realize that I have many red things...and I have many more..:)
Have a wonderful weekend!

torsdag 26. august 2010

red details

Yes, I love red!:) Red teaboxes, hang-it-all detail, my red buddhas, paperballoon detail, my red painted stol from Ikea with washipaper, a japanese fish on the fridge, apple potholder and a detail on the kimono....

onsdag 25. august 2010


I love Yayoi Kusamas art! She is the queen of polkadots! This is her pumpkin on Naoshima island in Japan.

tirsdag 24. august 2010

environmentally friendly

I really like these bags from envirosax. I`ve posted them before, but now there`s  new ones on the market. I use them to the kindergarden, the supermarket and on other shopping and they are great! They don`t take any place in my handbag when I don`t use them, and they are big and strong and can take many croceries and off course they`re environment friendly. They`re also washable and has many great designs..

mandag 23. august 2010


I like this bath from Skøna hem
I especially like the wood and the blue green tiles together.

søndag 22. august 2010

lazy sunday

My daughter is reading "Karius og Baktus" to her self...

leaf tie

How cute are these!! I hate cables, and these leafs wraps the cables together and make them so pretty!
They are from Lufdesign and I`m definitely getting one:)

lørdag 21. august 2010

retro feeling

I like the Kanteleen Kutsu collection from Marimekko designed by Sanna Annukka,

fredag 20. august 2010


 Some plain Ikea shelves in my livingroom with books and pretty things like these vintage kokeshi dolls.
My husbands lamp is from the 60s.

torsdag 19. august 2010


I found these cute necklaces at Freshy Fig. I just ordered one and I can`t wait!:)