lørdag 30. juni 2012


Photos: Linda Bergroth
Bathroom inspiration from Linda Bergroth. (via La maison d'AnnaG)


Source: cube-creative company

Yey! Finally it's summerholiday! Have a great summer everyone!

torsdag 28. juni 2012


Photos: closetvisit
I love her style! Se more of Crystal Meers's style at Closetvisit.

I have just one more day of work before SUMMMERHOLIDAY!!!!!!! YIHAAAA!:)

tirsdag 26. juni 2012


Photos: babyramen
I love Marimekko! ....and Serrano ham :D

mandag 25. juni 2012


Photos: babyramen
The weather in Oslo is not so good these days. It rains a lot, and the temperature is variable. I'm not spending time on my balcony as I want, and my plants are NOT enjoying them selves. ( I have replaced a few of them already...:S) I hope the warm summer weather is coming soon...

søndag 24. juni 2012


Photos: babyramen
Today's outfit on a chilly summer day. Love my t-shirt from KarinaManarin, trousers and necklace from Monki and shoes from Supra.

lørdag 23. juni 2012


Photo: Andrea Turander
Kitchen inspiration from Sköna Hem

onsdag 20. juni 2012


My Lindex dress, Omurice (japanese dish) and my favorite Ben & Jerry's. It's summer time!:)

tirsdag 19. juni 2012


Photo: babyramen
This seasons favorite sunglassses are from H&M.

mandag 18. juni 2012


Photo: Designsponge
This door has been on my mind for i while now. I just love it! The door is from Amanda Happès apartment on Designsponge.

søndag 17. juni 2012


Photos: babyramen
Waffles, jogging, cleaning, fruits, tea and coffee. It's sunday.

lørdag 16. juni 2012


Photos: babyramen
A rainy saturday.

fredag 15. juni 2012


Photos: babyramen
Yey!! It's finally friday and I'm relaxing on my sofa. And I'm planning to stay here for the rest of the evening:) Have a great weekend everyone!

tirsdag 12. juni 2012


Photo: babyramen
 I'm living in these neon pink Nike shoes at the moment. They are so comfortable...and PINK!:)

mandag 11. juni 2012


Photos: babyramen
Shelves in my livingroom and a wooden detail.

lørdag 9. juni 2012


Photo: Varpunen
New sacks from Varpunen. Love them!

onsdag 6. juni 2012

tirsdag 5. juni 2012


Photos: John Master's, Burt's Bee, Weleda, Origins, L' Occitane
Over the past year I've tried to use greener products. Products that are more natural and better for the skin and the environment at the same time. I've written about my "go green process" earlier here, here and here. I got great tips from you readers and this is were I am at the moment. These are the greener products that I really like at the moment:

Haircare products from John Masters.
Body lotion from Burt's Bee
Skin food from Weleda  ( I use this as a night cream, since I have quite dry skin)
Skincare from Origins
Hand cream and shower oil from L' occitane

I also use almond oil and jojoba oil on dry areas on my face or body I also use Orofluido hair elixir. (mixture of organic oils for hair)

Thank you for your tips about green products!!:)

PS! I'm not sponsored by any of these products.

mandag 4. juni 2012

may's favorite blog

"Between folds" by Francisca Prieto
 Here comes my monthly favorite blog:  Today you inspire me by Johanna. So much inspiration!! Check it out!

søndag 3. juni 2012


Photos: babyramen
Pink sunday

lørdag 2. juni 2012


Photo: babyramen
Ready for party:)  Necklace from Monki

fredag 1. juni 2012


Kitchen details on a friday afternoon. Have a great weekend!