torsdag 25. juli 2013

school girl to be

photos: babyramen
Ozzy's room is starting to look like a real room.
The moving boxes are gone,
and it's starting to look like a proper room.
She has got a table for her homework.
(I wanted a secondhand one, but haven't found anyone who would fit, so I got one from Ikea.)
A proud school-girl-to-be is living here.
And she got herself a pink wall as she wanted :)
Love the pink color.
Things are finally starting to look more like a home instead of a mess:)

tirsdag 23. juli 2013


photos: @babyramen
We have the best summer in the east and south in Norway.
We've been for the most in the south and have been enjoying the sunny and warm weather.
Here are some of my instagram moments from the past weeks.
Enjoy your summer!

torsdag 4. juli 2013

in progress

Photo: babyramen
 My new home,
in progress.

I love my big window in our livingroom,
and we have a tiny garden. 
Yey! :)

onsdag 3. juli 2013

our new home

photos: babyramen

Finally we are starting to get settled in our new home.
It's still a blank canvas, and it will be for a while.
It takes time to make it our own.
But I like it.

Welcome to the new babyramen home.