onsdag 31. august 2011

ozzy's room

An african princess

Kokeshi dolls

Miffy and Ultraman

More details from Ozzy's room.

tirsdag 30. august 2011


Livingroom corner.

mandag 29. august 2011

oh deer

Ozzy's (read: mommy's) deer collection.

søndag 28. august 2011

perfect outfit

A perfect outfit for this fall from Jeana Sohn. Love it!

lørdag 27. august 2011


Photos: Rishi Sæther
Love these shelves from Vårt Nya Hem. The home of the architect Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen and his family in Denmark.

fredag 26. august 2011


Ozzy's got her own yukata (a casual summer kimono in cotton) from her grandfather and his wife. They went to Japan this summer. Yey! It's so cute. Have a wonderful weekend!

torsdag 25. august 2011


Some random kitchen pictures..

onsdag 24. august 2011

rainy day

tirsdag 23. august 2011


Our bedroom. Magazine storage Tipack does it's job.

mandag 22. august 2011


You can't get too many boxes:) Ozzys pencils in teaboxes from babyramen shop and the plastic one is from Muji.:)

søndag 21. august 2011


Norwegian knekkebrød with cheese and olives and tea for lunch.
Gyoza for dinner


Setagaya Flat by Naruse Inokuma Architects and Hiroko Karibe Architects in Setagaya, Tokyo, Japan.
Love the concrete and wood combination.
(via 2modern.blog and designboom )

fredag 19. august 2011



torsdag 18. august 2011

House of light

The Leimond Nursery School, designed by Archivision Hirotani Studio. Found via yellowtrace blog.

onsdag 17. august 2011


I want to encourage everyone to make a donation for the people in Somalia.

Here are some links:

tirsdag 16. august 2011


Vintage wooden candle sticks from aubrey webb design on etsy. Love them!!

mandag 15. august 2011


Photos from net
Love the architecture to net. I especially like the wooden framed windows, and there's a lot of it. I love the light and the open space.  (found via Jokemijn)

søndag 14. august 2011

tangle teezer

A tip from me: I got Tangle Teezer (from Enklere liv) for Ozzy. It' s really good for hair that's tangled without the suffer. And the hot pink color makes it easy to like for girls as well. :)

lørdag 13. august 2011


A relaxing day..