mandag 28. februar 2011


Some cute mini hortencia on my kitchen table. I think hortencia is one of my favorite flowers, but I'm not so good with flowers so they usually don't last so long in my home... Any tips for keeping my hortecia alive for a long time ?:)

søndag 27. februar 2011


I found a plain wooden box at Søstrene Grene, that I decorated with wallpaper from Retrovilla. Perfect for CD's in Ozzy's room.

lørdag 26. februar 2011


FOTO: Pernilla Hed
I like this colorful apartment to the Gabrielsson-Wallmark family from Family Living.

fredag 25. februar 2011


I like Anna Zethraeus home, editor-in-chief of  the Swedish magazine; Family Living. Pictures from Sköna Hem.

Photos: Dan Gordan

beading and breakfast

Today me and Ozzy have the day off. Yey! Lazy morning with long breakfast and beading.

torsdag 24. februar 2011


A cute little vintage bambi on my kitchen shelf.  Found on etsy years ago.

onsdag 23. februar 2011


I like these simple plastic lamps, inspired by the chinese market lamps from Designtorget.

tirsdag 22. februar 2011


I like these cool rugs from Brita Sweden.They sell these at Designtorget in Norway.

mandag 21. februar 2011


Plum flower in my living room....reminding me of spring...:)

søndag 20. februar 2011


This tiny second hand lamp from Futura made a new home this weekend:)  A real cutie:) And I finally learned to put it up my self. About time:) Have a nice sunday evening!

lørdag 19. februar 2011

washing up

Soap dispenser from Habitat. And a chinese Oolong tea box for my dishwashing brushes.

I've had this tea box for years. I love the colors, motif and pattern.

fredag 18. februar 2011


I hope your're not already tired of seeing this flowerpot lamp, because there will be more...:) I bought it at Futura some weeks ago for my birthday money. I'm still in love:) By the way, Futura has many cool vintage and design lamps and furniture! My favorite thing to do at the moment, is to look at their website and dream about all the cool lamps:) Have a wonderful weekend!

torsdag 17. februar 2011

plant necklance

Why should your plant stay at home? A wearable plant by Colleen Jordan

onsdag 16. februar 2011

kitchen details

I got this pretty Marimekko bowl for my birthday. Yey!

Everything looks so much better next to my new painted white tiles:)

mandag 14. februar 2011


 I love mobiles and other similar hanging objects. Here are som pretty ones from Etsy.
Party Poms
The Butter Flying
The Starcraft

søndag 13. februar 2011


Today I went to my mother. Here are some pictures from her lovely home. Many pretty items and of course many japanese and japanese inspired  treasures :)


Happy mothersday!!

fredag 11. februar 2011


A cute box I found for Ozzy at Kremmerhuset. Have a wonderfule weekend!

torsdag 10. februar 2011

bang bang

As you may already know, I am a huge fan of Bang Bang Cph clothing. Here are some pictures from their new spring collection. So cute!