onsdag 30. mai 2012


Photo: babyramen
Afternoon tea.... Hot genmaicha in a japanese teacup.

tirsdag 29. mai 2012


Nice clothes for kids by Zara these days...

mandag 28. mai 2012


A long weekend in Arendal. Summer weather, barbecue, playing and a lot of ice cream. Love! <3

fredag 25. mai 2012


Photo: babyramen
I'm moving into my shibori dyed leggings from KarinaManarin and ready for this season:)
Perfect for summer evenings and under dresses on a chilly summer day:) I'm going to enjoy the summer weather the next days and are taking a long weekend :) Have a great weekend everyone!

tirsdag 22. mai 2012


Dots here and there:)
Summer in the city. I have to find my dotty summer dress too...

mandag 21. mai 2012


Photos: babyramen
A "Two moon" print on my wall from RK Design. Love it.

søndag 20. mai 2012


Thank you Rarerina for your chain of love:) (It sound even better in English;)
The chain of love is about giving other bloggers some extra attention and spreading some love:).
I have to check out these blogs every time they post something new. I'm passing the love chain forward to 5 bloggers who deserves some extra love. They are:

Designhund - she has her own cool style and takes fantastic pictures.
Weekday Carnival - Love everything on this blog!
Hello I'm Tiger - Inspiration!!
Moa og kaffekoppen - Love her photos and her style.
Jeg er Jonathan - Familylife. So sweet, cool and fun.

Ozzy is giving you all some love:)
Go to Prydelig to see all the love:)

lørdag 19. mai 2012


Ipad fun for the whole family :)

The cutest girl with the cutest hairdo:)

Wow!! I have over 400 followers!!! Thank you so much everyone who visits my blog, and thank you for all your sweet comments!!!!

I will soon enjoy bubbles with friends:) Yey! Have a great saturday!

fredag 18. mai 2012


Photo: babyramen
My interior style are getting more minimalistic again. (but not like the 90s of course:) I'm constantly changing but trying to keep my babyramen essence :) (whatever that is....:) But the colors are not gone, even though it might look like that here:)
Have a great weekend!:)

tirsdag 15. mai 2012


Photo: babyramen
A mini globe from Kremmerhuset on my beloved cabinet.

mandag 14. mai 2012


Photo: Fine Little Day

 I love this Moon pot mat by Fine Little Day

søndag 13. mai 2012


Photo: babyramen
Sunday, tea and latest issue of danish RUM magazine.

fredag 11. mai 2012

Drop it

Normann- Copenhagen
Drop it by Normann-Copenhagen

Have a great weekend!!:)

torsdag 10. mai 2012

onsdag 9. mai 2012


Favorite nailcolor at the moment: Chinchilly from Essie

tirsdag 8. mai 2012


Photo: Swedish Hasbeen
Maybe one day you will be mine.....

mandag 7. mai 2012


Photo: Ofmatter
Babyramen loves necklace from Ofmatter

søndag 6. mai 2012

New meets old

Nib's challenge: New meets old. New: sofa from Bolia, chevron pillow from Modernality2, Marimekko mug and bowl, candlesticks from Helgo, origami vase from Urban analog and a Verner Panton lamp. Art on the wall (that you only see a part of) is by Liv Tandrevold Eriksen. Old: vintage tables, magazine holder and pillows made of vintage kimono fabric.

....and while mummy is taking pictures someone spotted the nuts in the bowl...

budget buy

Photo: babyramen
Budget buy: Polkadot plastic tablecloth from Plantasjen for my table on the balcony. I like the quality. It's not too light and stays in place when when it's windy.  It also comes in red with white polkadots.  I'm ready for sun and summer:)

fredag 4. mai 2012


It's friday. Yey!!! Salma and ponzu sauce for dinner before going out with old friend from my childhood. It's been too long since I saw them. We have some catching up to do:) So I'm just saying have a great weekend before popping out with a lot of salmon in my stomach:)

torsdag 3. mai 2012


Photos: Höganesgruppen
I like these vases from Höganesgruppen.

onsdag 2. mai 2012


Photos: A Beautiful Mess
Love these hairstyles from A Beautiful Mess.