onsdag 25. mai 2011


We are going on a holiday, so there will be no blogging for me the next week. But I will be back with a bang with a new give away and new exiting products in my shop!:) See you soon!

tirsdag 24. mai 2011


Some random details in my home at the moment..Norgesglass on my kitchen table with candels, and an old japanese box in my livingroom.

mandag 23. mai 2011


I like these photos taken by photographer Kotori Kawashima. I LOVE the picture over where the little girl is sitting in the tree:) So cute.:)

søndag 22. mai 2011


A cup of tea on a rainy sunday.

lørdag 21. mai 2011


"New" (vintage) blanket for Ozzy from Yokohiyoko on etsy

fredag 20. mai 2011


I wish every kindergarden was as cool as this one in Israel.

torsdag 19. mai 2011


Photos from Lepidoptery shop
My new etsy love Lepidoptery. Jewelery made of folded card stock paper.

onsdag 18. mai 2011

bubble saucer lamp

Picture via La maison d'Anna G

Photos: Modernica
I think George Nelsons Bubble Lamp Saucer is one of my favorite lamps ever. It's so timeless and elegant. Maybe one day I will get my own....dream dream..

tirsdag 17. mai 2011

happy birthday

Happy birthday Norway!

mandag 16. mai 2011


Tomorrow we are celebrating Norway's National Day (Constitution Day). Some simple table decoration for the day. I don't really like to do table decorations, but some Norgesglass candles and some Norwegian ribbon will do:)
Have a wonderful celebrations for those who are celebrating!

søndag 15. mai 2011


Ozzy's got two new pillows for her new bed today, that I made of vintage fabric from Zwizzle. I also had to replace one of the wallpaper sheeps from green to pink. They both had to be pink, of course...(I liked the green one better, but... I'm not the one who has the last words you see...:)


Sunday lazy morning...a nice cup of tea, Ozzy is on a sleepover at her grandmother, and it rains outside. It's nice and quiet... I'm enjoying the moment:)

fredag 13. mai 2011


Photos by Trine Bukh
Inspiring pictures from Boligmagasinet


I'm hooked on Paumes lovely books. They really are addictive. I've done many posts about them earlier but here are my two newest ones "Paris Kitchen 2" and "Paris Creative Couples" Love them both!
(This post that I originally did two days ago had been deleted by Blogger beacause of some fail...so I try again. That's why your sweet comments had been deleted as well.)

mandag 9. mai 2011


Wow! I love these x-rays photos by artist Hugh Turvey. Found via Hello Tiger.

søndag 8. mai 2011


Ozzy's got a new bed this weekend. A plain Ikea bed (Kritter). But I pimped it up with some Retro Villa wallpaper.
I've got gorgeous retro fabric from Zwizzle on etsy. I will make bedlinen and pillows for Ozzy's new bed real soon:)

fredag 6. mai 2011


Photos: Selby
 I love the home to stylist and vintage store owner Charlotte Rust. Go to Selby for more gorgeous pictures.

torsdag 5. mai 2011

on a table

My beloved Panton lamp and pussy willows (yes I learned a new word today:)  in my favorite light green vase on my old teak table.

onsdag 4. mai 2011


It's suddenly cold outside again. This vintage flower brooch brightens up  my jacket and my grey day:)

tirsdag 3. mai 2011

babyramen shop!

 I'm selling exlusive handmade and printed japanese paper and other japanese souvenirs, redesign, vintage accessories and more stuff in babyramen style. More items will come for sale soon, so check it out! welcome to babyramen shop!

mandag 2. mai 2011


A wall in the corner of Ozzy's room. My mother in law drew the drawings of my husband as a child. The reindeer hooks are from Ting. The paper balloons are from Uguishu Shoten. Curtain are from Ikea.

søndag 1. mai 2011


Morning tea