fredag 31. desember 2010


My home in 2010..

Happy new year!!

torsdag 30. desember 2010

last christmas

This is the  last christmas photo this christmas:)


I bought  this lovely print from Seventy tree as a present to myself

and I got this gorgeous necklace as a gift for my birthday . It`s from Après Ski. I absolutely love it!

onsdag 29. desember 2010


I like this old black painted table and big  industrial lamps from Stine and Henrik Busks home in Boligmagasinet
Photos: Iben and Niels Ahlberg

mandag 27. desember 2010

orla kiely

I like the colors and design of Orla Kiely.

søndag 26. desember 2010

birthday girl

Today it`s Ozzy`s birthday! Yey!! We`re making buns that she likes.
She`s hiding her face while we`re singing Happy birthday:) It`s too much!:)

torsdag 23. desember 2010


Ozzy is playing with the decorations on the tree while wearing the turkey box on her head. She is a monster:)

This years cute little christmastree:)

And this years gingerbread house. 
Have a nice christmas eve tomorrow!

onsdag 22. desember 2010


I found these inspiring pictures via See Me Everywhere. These pictures are from the book "Crease + Fold"  by Sok Song wich is full of origami creations with instructions for making these. I like the first picture with the bird. It would make a cool lamp!

tirsdag 21. desember 2010


Our christmas tree is up! It`s not very big, but perfect for our not so big livingroom:)


Gingerbread tree me and

my daughter made..

mandag 20. desember 2010


more christmas...

søndag 19. desember 2010

food is my religion

Food is my religion is having a wonderful giveaway were you can win products from Et grønnere hjem. Go to her blog for more info.Last day today!


I collect many pretty ones from the 50s and 60s.. Have a wonderful sunday! Today we are having a family party. The family on my fathers side gets together ones a year and eat sushi that my father and I make. That` s our family tradition:)

fredag 17. desember 2010


So cool mobile!

Love her sofa and sandals!!

Love her style.

Closet visit of Momoko Suzuki by Jeana Sohn. More pictures here. I found these via A Merry Mishap.
I like her style!


Photo: Amanda Friedman for Preen magazine.
I`m pretending I`m here...just for a moment...:)

torsdag 16. desember 2010

christmas inspiration

There are so many inspiring blogs around the world. And I am so fascinated by the creativity when it comes to christmas decoration. I`m not very traditional and I like fun and inexpensive and simple decoration. Here are some of the decoration that I found really inspiring:
Gumdrop wreath by just pretty

A christmas mobile from Shinedesign

Christmas decoration from Thompson Family-Life
Simple and pretty decoration from HEM
Decorations by Pickles
Sweet decoration by Hannas Virrvarr

Outdoor icebaubles from Babyccino Kids
Decoration from Weekday carnival
Christmastree by wood &wool stool
A creative christmastree by MiMa
Painted christmastree from Design Sponge
Christmas calender by Brigg

Light tree by A Merry Mishap
Ornaments from Asthetic Outburst