torsdag 29. november 2012


Photos: babyramen
I'm not in a big blogging mood these days. 
But here are some instagram moments. You can follow me here.

tirsdag 27. november 2012

søndag 25. november 2012


Photos: babyramen
I'm preparing this years advent calender for Ozzy. 
This year I do it more simple. 
Stamps on paper bags...
I can't wait until she will open her first one:)

torsdag 22. november 2012

anderssen & voll

Photos: anderssen & voll
I'm loving these new designs from anderssen & voll.

søndag 18. november 2012

glow clock

Photo: Hallgeir Holmstvedt
I love this "Glow clock" by the norwegian designer Hallgeir Holmstvedt.

fredag 16. november 2012


Photos: babyramen
Clamp lamp in the corner.
Blooming flowers.
It's friday.

onsdag 14. november 2012


Photos: Analogue Life
Love these ceramics from Analogue Life. 
The dark mug and teapot are by Takeshi Omura and the white mug and teapot by Eri Kawaguchi.

søndag 11. november 2012


Photos: babyramen
My string shelf at the moment.
small changes,
all the time:)

lørdag 10. november 2012

T-shirt against breast cancer

Photo: Elin Strömberg
Emma Fexeus (Emmas designblogg)  has designed this great t-shirt in cooperation with Kellogg's Special K to raise money for breast cancer research
You can get it here or at NK department store in Stockholm.

torsdag 8. november 2012


Photo: Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen, Bo Bedre
I love painted floors. I love black, white and grey floors. ( I also love wooden floors of course..) Love the grey color on the floor on this photo from Bo Bedre. (via Feel Inspired)

onsdag 7. november 2012


photo: babyramen
My kitchen the moment...

søndag 4. november 2012


Photos: babyramen
It's november and it's getting darker and darker everyday. I like to drink tea, light some candles and have a warm blanket wrapped around me. For more cosy pictures go to NIB's november challange.

lørdag 3. november 2012


Photos: babyramen
 I'm not really in a blogging mood these here's some "old" pictures. I like the dark afternoons, but my pictures are not good when they're taken in the dark. I don't like to take pictures when it's a hassle... I'll try to remember to take pictures when the sun is up:) Until then, have a great weekend!:)

torsdag 1. november 2012


Photo: Dawn Vachon
These cups by Dawn Vachon are soooo nice!!