søndag 31. oktober 2010

my girl

I tidied up my daughters room today. Here are some new pictures of her room. The drawings on the wall is my mothers in laws drawings of my husband as a child. I just had to put them in new frames. The suitcases are from Japan (the biggest one) and the others are from Sprell. The paperballoons are from Uguisu Shoten. The miniature tea-set I got in Japan as a child. The dollbed is from Sprell, but I pimped it up with paint and washipaper. And the same for the Ikea-drawer with washipaper on. The print in the white frame is from Jeanette Lunde who`s behind the blog Fryd + Design. I bought most of the baby Kewpie dolls, Astro-boy, Miffy and Ultraman and other anime characters in Japan. I have been collecting them and other figures for years..

lørdag 30. oktober 2010

granny shoes

I got my vintage granny shoes from etsy in the mail today! Yey!


If I was a bird, I would live here.:) This birdhouse is from Hay

fredag 29. oktober 2010


I love the curves of my City chair.

torsdag 28. oktober 2010

surounded by nature

 This is the office to Selgas Cano Architecture in Madrid, that I found via RUM. What a view! And love the bright color. And it`s so cool how the building is lower than the ground and becomes a part of surroundings.
Photos by Iwan Baan

onsdag 27. oktober 2010

living with babies

I really like this photo from the lovely blog Solrum. This is what living with a newborn baby is like. The only thing that matters is the baby and to make it feel secure. Everything else don`t matter and can wait...

rainy day

 It`s a grey rainy day.. But my husbands 50s calendar makes me smile:)

tirsdag 26. oktober 2010

angry weather

So cute jewelry from The Angry Weather etsy shop.

mandag 25. oktober 2010


Colorful  fabric, clothes, pillows, bedlinen and many more products from Brita Sweden

lørdag 23. oktober 2010


Themis mobile from Artecnica

fredag 22. oktober 2010


Wow, I`m so fascinated and inspired by the dots in the ceiling in this lovely room from Haciendo el Indio. I want to do i too!!:) Have a nice weekend everyone!

torsdag 21. oktober 2010

thursday evening

I`m tired and looking forward to weekend real soon:) Tonight I`m making some simple chocolate/cornflakes snacks for my colleagues and just relaxing and keeping warm with my neck warmer from Monki. Trying to get rid of this bad cold real soon...

onsdag 20. oktober 2010


How cute is this! I found this photo at The Cool Hunter.

tirsdag 19. oktober 2010

makes me smile even more..

This is Duplex acquarium/cage for both fish and birds made by Constance Guisset.. I love the idea of them both sharing the same cage. But not sure if it`s good for them...? Will they be stressed or maybe find peace and enjoy each others company?:) I found this via the blog don`t stop design.

mandag 18. oktober 2010


This colorful kitchen from Hus & Hem makes me smile! Have a wonderful monday!

søndag 17. oktober 2010

from the sky

Beautiful jewelry from the sky by Après Ski, which I found via the lovely blog make it easy.

lørdag 16. oktober 2010

50s kitchen

I love the 50s kitchen from Hus & Hem. I especially like the original doors and the color.

fredag 15. oktober 2010


I`m home and sick today. It really is autumn now, and the cold has hit me hard. I`m relaxing at home doing nothing, drinking tea, keeping warm...
The polkadotsocks are from Monki, the simple white mug is from Muji. I love the simple designs from Muji.

torsdag 14. oktober 2010


Cute kitchen for children from BoligLiv