søndag 29. september 2013


Photo: babyramen
Ozzyloves it and it's perfect for her lunchbox.

Have a great sunday!

mandag 23. september 2013

bath details

Photos: babyramen
For the first time EVER, 
I'm showing you pictures of my bathroom :D
My previous bathrooms have not been worthy. 
They were from the 60-70`s and have been really ugly and super tiny.

Now, we have a new bathroom.
It's not so big, but perfect for my little family.
Some of the finishing details are up, and some are not.
But it feels like a real luxury.
We had a limited budget, so we had to save wherever we could.
But I think it turned out pretty ok :)

It's really simple and white.

Ikea drawers and sink.
A bamboo wooden top over the washing machine from hardstuff.
Vintage hooks from frou-frou.
Make up bag from alphabetbags
Here are some details from our new bathroom.

And remember to vote (for me?:) in NIBs finale here.

søndag 22. september 2013


photo: babyramen
I'm in the finale of NIB's challenge.
Thank you to the guest judge  KARI JANNE STANDAL !!
Go here to see all the finalists.
I would be very happy if you left me a vote ;)
Have a great new week!!


photos: babyramen
This weekend Ozzy and I went to a local fleamarket, 
where I found these marble beauties.
I'm ready for fall and darker days.

søndag 15. september 2013


photos: babyramen
Yesterday I had the whole day for myself, 
so I went out for some shopping and (a lot of) eating in Oslo city :).
I went to a nice shop named Nest in Majorstua, where I found this super cute teapot. 
Love the design and green color.
It's from Kinto
The mug is from Marimekko.
Have a wondeful sunday!

fredag 6. september 2013

september 2

photos: babyramen
My second contribution to NIB's september challenge. 
"Mykje lys og myke pledd"
(A lot of light and soft balnkets)
Go here to see the other contributions.
Have a great weekend!

onsdag 4. september 2013

september 1

It's been a while since i joined NIB's monthly challenge. Here's my contribution to the september challenge.
"Mykje lys og myke pledd"
(A lot of light and soft balnkets)
To read more about the challenge go here, where you also can see all the other contributions.

photos: babyramen
Since I am a person who freezes a lot, a warm home is essential to me.
I keep warm with a good cup of tea and lots of blankets.

Have a cosy and warm september!

søndag 1. september 2013

twist a twill

photos: babyramen
Our new home is definitely more chilly than our old apartment.
I've got a bad cold and are staying inside at the moment.
The blanket "Twist a twill" that I got from Fjeldborg shop is keeping my sick body warm.
Love the soft and warm blanket.