tirsdag 31. juli 2012


Photos: babyramen
Ozzy and I picked some flowers in our neighborhood.

mandag 30. juli 2012


Gyoza and edamame dinner:)

søndag 29. juli 2012


Photos: babyramen
This summer has been very quite and relaxing. We've been for the most part in Norway, accept for a short trip to Stockholm. We've been at home and in Arendal (south in Norway) visiting family and a trip to the zoo. Even though the weather has not been the best, we've had some good weather now and then. I also finally got to finish Murakami's book and I've been reading a lot of magazines as well:) There's also been a lot of ice cream, barbeque, baking and cooking and eating out:) For me vacation is all about good food:) Tomorrow it's back to work and everyday life. I hope you all had a great summer!

lørdag 28. juli 2012


Photos: Earl Carter
Inspiring home found on Arch Daily. (via time of aquarius)

onsdag 25. juli 2012


Budget buy: vase from Åhlens, now on sale for 10kr. Yey!:)

mandag 23. juli 2012

iced coffee

Photo: babyramen
Iced coffee is summer to me. I love it.

søndag 22. juli 2012

never forget

Photos: babyramen
Today it's been one year since that horrific day. We will never forget.

tirsdag 17. juli 2012


Photos: babyramen
Ozzy loves flowers. She especially loves to pick them by herself. I've got to learn more about flower species....:)

torsdag 12. juli 2012

summer denim

Photo: babyramen
Comfy denim dress from Cheap Monday, on sale at Weekday:)

onsdag 11. juli 2012


Photo: Jansen+co
 I went to Backe i Grensen (shop in Oslo) the other day and looked at this beautiful collection from Jansen+co.  Jansen+co is a young Table Top Design company founded by Anouk Jansen and Harm Magis. I've seen this on net and liked them a lot, but after I saw them "live" I LOVE THEM:) Me want.....:D


Photos: babyramen
Wooden cutting board from Iris Handtverk in Stockholm. (Love that shop, by the way) Sugar bowl from Muuto.

tirsdag 10. juli 2012

dots on budget

Photos: babyramen
Inspired by Rina and Vigdis I got myself some dotted duvet cover from Ellos:) A great and fun budget buy, but not the best quality though :)

søndag 8. juli 2012


We visited Junibacken in Stockholm. Villa Villekulla was the highlight for my Pippi-girl :) (A bit too crowded for me though..:)

lørdag 7. juli 2012


What to do on a rainy day? We're watching movies and we've made the best buns!:)

fredag 6. juli 2012


Photos: babyramen
I had some wonderful days in Stockholm. And one of the things I got there was (not so surprisingly...:) this tray "Plattan" designed by Barbro Tryberg Broberg  & Martin Norrlind after Jørgen Kjaergaards design on Sergels Torg in Stockholm. I have been wanting this for a looooong time and finally I got one!:) Yey!! There will be more pictures from Stockholm and my purchases there later. Enjoy the summer!!

søndag 1. juli 2012


Photo: babyramen
Last time I posted my "Two moon" print from Rk Design I forgot to say who made that flower drawing beside it. This is an early studentwork of artist Petrine Lillevold Vinje. Check out her site for her more resent artwork! :) I'm off to Stockholm. Have a great week and summer!:)