tirsdag 23. oktober 2012

vintage vs. new

Vintage pillow from Cemredecor and new pillow from Ikea.
I like the ethnic trend in small doses, like pillows:) There so many new ethnic inspired pillows around, but when I see these gorgeous vintage woven fabric my heart drops. I love vintage fabric and  their colors and texture. I could easily buy both of these pillows (and I might just do so:), but the vintage one is soooooo much prettier to me. But that's just me:) I'm a sucker for vintage and handmade things. And nothing is like original stuff:) The things in my home that I like the most and don't get tired of are the vintage stuff. I tend to replace the new things more often than the vintage or old things. Do you get more attached to old/second hand/vintage stuff than new stuff?  I do! But don't get me wrong I like new stuff to:) A mix of of new and old is the best, I guess:)

4 kommentarer:

  1. My favorite ist the vintage pillow! (but i like new stuff too!)

  2. Tough question, I like both the first one I like the texture and the second one the colors.


  3. My favourite is the new one because I like the combination of the colours black and white ;-) But the vintage pillow is also nice!

  4. I love black and white my self. That' s why i like this Ikea pillow so much too. But there' s something about the vintage quality that I really like.