mandag 3. februar 2014

to blog or not..

photo: babyramen
Not many posts from me lately.
To blog or not, that' s the question.

I find it hard to keep it up, while working full time.
Although, I managed to do it beside work before.
So I guess it's not time, but it gets more of a hassle these days.
And very little motivation.
But I can't seem to quit either...:P 

4 kommentarer:

  1. The time will come! Du kan bruker en pause for å ta bilder, koser deg og lade opp til en ny blog runde!

    Du ta mange fine bilder :)


    1. Takk Vicky! Hyggelig med kommentar. Skal prøve på det:)

  2. Hi,this is my first comment, though I have been a big fan of your blog for a while. I noticed you did not update the blog not much as you used to, since you have moved to the new place.
    You must be very busy, but your blog is so inspiring, I hope you could come back for the new entries, maybe once a month or two months!
    I really really love your scandinavian style with a hint of Japanese!!

  3. Thank you Sachi! Thats correct. I dont blog as much as used to after moving. It takes time to settle in our new home, and do the renovation. And Im very impatient:) so I dont get very inspired by the whole prosess:) I think I will post every now and then and see what happens, but I loose many visitors. But I hope you will pop by again;)